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Who We are

Whatever Kocina was formed because of my passion to cook, and share my cooking with others. For
many years, I dreamt of opening a restaurant, but never pulled the plug.  I also wanted to carry on my
brother’s passion as well, which is another reason why I decided to pursue this. (R.I.P.- Reuben Lopez

Reuben has a lifetime of cooking. Thank you so much Reuben for guiding me into this.
You are my inspiration to start and pursue this passion.

I woke up one day and told my wife, “I am going to buy
a food truck and grow this undying passion”.
Her response was, “Sounds Good”, (Brushing me off, of
course). She didn’t realize I would actually take that step. Two weeks later after many discussions and
layout changes with manufacturer. I made the move. “On Order” and she had NO idea.

Why, “Whatever”? We’re sure you’re asking….. Because life is good, and you make life “whatever” it is.
Through good and bad.

On top of the fact that my favorite comment is
“Whatever”. Because I go with the flow of what people ask of me and always make sure

I can accommodate to what they want.

Whatever Kocina currently has 9 menu’s and is growing. We will make “WHATEVER”,
you would like.

We are always up to the challenge and diversity of foods brought to you, always fresh, and always ready.

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